Oh dear! I’m afraid I’ve lied to you, my sweet. I told you that in the beginning there were The Original Fairy Doors. But the truth is, there is a legend far older than the birth of my first Fairy Door collection, that explains exactly how The Fairy Nice Trading Company came about.

And it all starts with a little girl about to turn 4 years old, and her rather ordinary Mummy:

Let me tell you the Tale of The Fairy Nice Trading Company …

Everything was ordinary. Not terrible. Not bad even. Just dull. Routine. Day in, day out. You know how it gets sometimes? You must do! You’re here, reading this tale, secretly looking for …? Something. A tale to get lost in, just for a moment. Inspiration, perhaps. Or maybe, just a little bit of quiet company at the end of the long, ordinary day.

how the fairy nice trading company came about

Just look what they’re saying about us, my sweet …

That’s exactly where I was, when my daughters were 3 and 8 years old. Our days were now locked firmly into the rhythm of the School calendar. The weekdays were full of school runs, and after-school activities, and passing the children between my husband and I as he got home from his job and I went off to mine. Weekends flashed past in a blink, stuffed with food shops and cleaning house and catching up with friends and relatives. 

There was a definite lack of magic in my world right then.

Until …

Hayley-Ann was about to turn 4, and I needed to find the perfect gift. Now, like many families, our home was already packed to the rafters with plastic toys. Don’t get me wrong, there were some very well loved pieces amongst them that provided many hours of peaceful and happy play.

But, knowing that all our friends and relatives would probably double-down on the plastic paradise come her birthday, I wanted to find her something different

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I wanted something small. Something that would really catch her imagaination. And something that she could treasure for the longest time.

Now, this may come as a shock to you, sweet thing, but I didn’t invent the Fairy Door! Quite the contrary. Just like you, I stumbled across one in my late night internet searches for the perfect present for little girls.

It almost ticked all of my boxes too! Almost. Yes, it was small and oh! Couldn’t I just picture all the wonderful ways it could inspire her imagination. But, goodness! All the Fairy Doors I found were completely the wrong style for my little girl’s bedroom.

So, I set about making my own version of a Fairy Door

One that looked just like a real front door. In fact, better than that! One that looked like a real “dream” front door in the prettiest pink, with a sparkling crystal doorknob and pretty lilac roses all around the doorframe.

the first fairy door from the fairy nice trading company fairy door shop uk

And I’m not an idiot. I knew that if I gifted a 4 year old a small wooden door for her birthday, no matter how pretty, she’d grace me with one of her slightly quizzical looks tinged with with no small amount of disappointment, and lay my gift to one side in favour of a book or a barbie.

Which is why I added a letter from her new Fairy Friend to the Fairy Door

Carefully crafting it to explain all about what the door was for, who might visit through it and setting up the character of this new Fairy friend in way I knew would make her giggle. 

And you know what? In return, I got that quizzical look tinged with wonder and excitement. Followed by no small amount of questions (ahh, 4 year olds! How they love a question, eh?). Which led to me making up answers in reply that gradually formed a story. A story that grew and spread and evolved throughout her whole childhood. 

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But The tale of the Fairy Nice Trading Company doesn’t end there!

If anything, that was just the prelude. Because the real fun began when I realised that I couldn’t keep the Fairy Door in her bedroom anymore. Sneaking in to deposit Fairy notes or add little hints of a visitor was risking waking her up too much for my Mum-nerves to bear.

So, I moved the Fairy Door to our living room. Purely for practical purposes. Yet, what happened next was quite incredible: Without fail, it caught the eye of EVERY. SINGLE. VISITOR. to our home, no matter what age, young or old. And, those that had visited before, began looking for it as soon as they returned, following along with my Fairy story like some kind of favourite soap opera!

Before long, I was busy making Fairy Doors and writing Fairy letters for friends and family

Until one day I looked up and noticed that life was not so ordinary anymore. Every day was punctuated with a little bit of magic. As we walked to school, my girls chatted away about what was happening behind our Fairy Door, and as I walked home after drop off my mind raced with ideas for the next story, or played with ideas for the next beautiful Fairy Door design.

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Through it all, the bond between my girls and I grew stronger and stronger as bonds are bound to do when you share a happy secret. To them I was incredibly wise about Fairies and magic (I was making it all up, to be honest!) and therefore very interesting to be around.

For me, the questions they asked not only allowed me to let my own thoughts wander beyond what we were having for dinner that week and what time swimming lessons were, it also gave me a little glimpse into their thoughts and worries. I saw and heard things that I may not otherwise have picked up on, and I could respond “as the Fairies” which was often, surprisingly, more effective than when I tried to intervene as their Mum.

However, like all our favourite Fairytales a terrible plot twist was about to unfold

You see, the simple fact was I had run out of friends and family to gift Fairy Doors to. And this, combined with a growing curiosity about how Fairy Doors really could help little ones navigate their way through the ups and downs of a magical childhood, made me wonder if I couldn’t offer my own special brand of Fairy Door magic to more families beyond my own small circle.

About the fairy nice trading company fairy door shop uk

And so, The Fairy Nice Trading Company was born. First, with just a few handmade Fairy Doors and some handwritten Fairy letters. Gradually growing into the beautiful Fairy Door shop you see here, that sends literally hundreds of Fairy Door gifts to children all over the World.

And then of course, spreading to the creation of my simply enchanting Secret Fairy Circle, stuffed full of all the Fairy stories, Fairy letters, tips, tricks and advice that I have gathered over the years. And my! Hasn’t that been the most wonderful labour of love! … But, that’s a tale for another time, my sweet. 

For now, it’s time for this tale to end so that your story can begin …

Join the hundreds of Fairy Nice families enjoying magical adventures with our beautiful Fairy Doors

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