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What's included with my beautiful Fairy Door?

Each beautiful Fairy Door and Mermaid Door from The Fairy Nice Trading Company arrives wrapped in sparkling tissue paper, tucked inside a luxury gift box.

Alongside your Fairy Door you will find a personalised letter from the Fairies (Mermaid Doors include a sea scroll instead) and a tiny golden key so that your new friends can let themselves in and out.

Each beautiful Fairy Door and Mermaid Door also includes a year of complimentary membership of our Secret Fairy Circle (worth £30). You’ll find a card including your activation instructions inside your gift box.

How personalised is the fairy Letter?

Well, when you order you’ll give me the name of your little one. Then I use a rough template letter as a basis to make sure I include all the necessary details.

You can leave it at that, if you like. However, if you want to include a few additional details, like who is sending the gift or what it’s for, or even a special message of praise, comfort, congratulations or encouragement, just let me know in the second personalisation box.

Which Fairy Does the letter come from?

Well, that’s entirely up to you my sweet!

If you do not say otherwise, our first Fairy Letter is signed from Doriana, the Head of our Fairy Door Despatch Unit.

However, you can let me know in the personalisation box if you’d prefer another Fairy Friend or magical person to sign it. Whether that’s a famous Fairy like the Dummy Fairy, Tooth Fairy or Sleep Fairy, a particular Fairy Friend known to your little one already, or even someone special like Santa or the Easter Bunny.

What's the Secret Fairy Circle?

The Secret Fairy Circle is a member-only space where I share all my Fairy secrets for creating enchanting magical adventures with your new Fairy Door. Inside you’ll find original fairytales to share with your little one, inspiration and ideas for Fairy Door fun, and literally hundreds of printable Fairy letters, certificates, decorations and accessories.

How do I access the Secret Fairy Circle?

Well, first you’ll need to activate your membership. Use the QR code in your order confirmation email to take you to the Secret registration page.

But, if you can’t find the email or your Fairy Door is a gift for someone else, don’t worry! I also pop the code on a little card that I tuck inside your gift box, just in case.

Once your membership is activated, you will be able to return to the Secret Fairy Circle as often as you like over the following year.

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What Size are your Fairy Doors?

A little larger than many you may have seen before: They’re approximately 22cm high and 12.5cm wide (that’s 9ins x 5ins)

Is the Fairy Door a toy?

Absolutely not, my sweet! Your Fairy Door will become many things to you over the years, but at it’s base it is a decorative accessory and not a toy.

I always recommend adult supervision when displaying Fairy Doors near to young children, due to the small and delicate parts.

Do your Fairy Doors open?

Oh no! Not for humans! Only the Fairies can open and close the door using their tiny key when everyone is asleep or otherwise occupied.

Do you create bespoke Fairy Doors?

I’m afraid not my sweet. But, as each Fairy Door is hand-finished, you can be sure that any one you choose will be unique to you.

Do you sell the House boxes in your photos?

We certainly do! You can find them HERE>>

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How do I attach my Fairy Door to the wall or house box?

My personal recommendation is with sticky tac (in the UK, my most preferred brand is Blu Tac – and I’ve tried them all!)

This will allow you to fix the door firmly. But, if you do want to move it or change it, you can easily remove it without terrible damage to your wall or backdrop.

I've lost my little key! Can I get a replacement?

Oh! You’re not the first person to have a “lost key” incident, my sweet! The Fairy Nice Locksmiths are kept very busy indeed.

Click HERE and we can sort you out with a new key and a personalised explanation letter to help put any worried little minds to rest.

Can I order follow up personalised fairy letters?

Absolutely you can! I’m sure, between my ready-written printable letters in the Secret Fairy Circle and your own imagination, you’ll have no trouble keeping the correspondence going.

But, if you do want me to write to your little one again in the same style as your first letter, you can order a bespoke letter HERE>>

How much is Delivery?

You can learn all about our delivery costs and services HERE>>

Do you ship overseas?

We certainly do! We have happy customers all over the wide world.

You can learn all about our overseas shipping costs and services HERE>>

Do you have a shop or sell anywhere else other than this website?

We do not! Our Fairy Doors, Fairy Letters, and Fairy Stories are exclusive to The Fairy Nice Trading Company and genuine versions are only available through this website at present.

Rest assured, we work so incredibly hard to develop new, original and enchanting products here. Therefore, when we become aware of unscrupulous charlatans stealing designs or breaching The Fairy Nice Trading Company copyright in any way, we take appropriate legal action immediately.

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