May 21, 2024 | Fairy Visitors

Oh Blimey! There’s a letter been left out for “The Fairies”. Carefully crafted by your little one, in their very finest handwriting. As if you haven’t got enough to do. Now you need to write the perfect Fairy Letter in reply!

Well, don’t panic. I’ve got this for you. Here are 3 quick and simple ways to make sure your Fairy Friends always know just what to say …

Number one: Step inside our Secret Fairy Circle

3 ways to write the perfect fairy letter

Just look what they’re saying about us, my sweet …

Your Secret Fairy Circle membership is included with your beautiful Fairy Door, and it’s where I have left you literally hundreds of ready written Fairy Notes. Alongside slightly longer Fairy letters, letters from some of our most famous Fairies (like the Dummy Fairy, Tooth Fairy and Sleep Fairy), certificates, signs and decorations.

Everything is downloadable. So, you can access it in an instant. But, if you’ve no printer, no worries! Because in every adventure there is a pink button that’ll take you to my “print your printables” service, where I’ll print out a copy and post them to you.

bibbity boobity boo!

4 free gifts for you

free personalised fairy letter

Every one of our beautiful Fairy Doors and Mermaid Doors includes 4 free gifts, no codes required!

Your first personalised Fairy letter

A tiny golden Fairy key

A luxury pearlescent gift box

and a year of unlimited Secret Fairy Circle membership (worth a whopping £30!)

want 15% off as well?

Number Two: for if you have something a little more personal to impart in your Fairy Letter …

written for you fairy letters for children uk

Now, remember, your very first letter will be included with your Fairy Door. It’s absolutely free of charge, personalised to perfection and glistens on our enchanting Fairy Nice stationery.

But after that, you are very welcome to make use of my two NEW bespoke Fairy letter writing services. And the first is perfect for when you know what you want to say but want to continue the magical feel from their first Fairy letter.

So, you just let me know the message, and I’ll pop it all together on the same stationery. I’ll even hand write your child’s name across the envelope again, just like I did the first time.

Number Three: for when you just can’t find the Fairy Nice Words

bespoke fairy letters to buy uk

Of course, sometimes, you might have an idea of the message you want to send, but just can’t find the right words to sound like a Fairy Friend. In that case, you need my totally bespoke Fairy letter.

With this letter, all you need to do is let me know the gist of what you want to convey. Then I will write the perfect Fairy letter around your intention.

Again, I’ll send it to you laid out just like that first Fairy letter. And I’ll even save a copy here, just in case you need to send another one. By looking back at your previous letters, I can then continue crafting an ongoing story, leaving you to enjoy your family’s very own personalised Fairytale.

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