Cleaning Fairy Set

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An absolutely invaluable Cleaning Fairy Set to set an excellent example and help encourage your little ones to lend a hand around the home.

Includes a mop, broom, bucket, duster and tiny cleaning spray.

Add A Miniature Dustbin

To remind your little one that litter belongs in the bin and not on the floor!

Add A Miniature Stepladder

To help your Fairy friend with all those hard-to-reach places. They're only tiny, you know!

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I am yet to meet a person that wouldn't be glad if a Cleaning Fairy moved into their home. Just imagine! Everything always neat and tidy and sparkling clean, without having to lift a finger.

Well, I'm afraid I can't promise you exactly that, my sweet. But I can offer you the next best thing, with our Cleaning Fairy set.

How can the Cleaning Fairy Set possibly help you, you ask?

I've been a Fairy Godmother a long time now, and if I've learnt anything, it's this: Children will do pretty much anything if a Fairy friend asks them. And with this in mind, you can probably guess why, over the years, my Cleaning Fairy set has been invaluable.

To start with, I would leave it outside the Fairy Door to set a good example to my little girls when it was time for a tidy up. Just as we wove a clean up before and after into our Fairy Door adventures, so tidy up time at end of day became our routine.

As the girls got older, I developed and made good use of my "Be A Fairy Helper" notecards - tiny little letters left out with the Cleaning Fairy equipment that asked my daughters to lend a hand with small, specific tasks around the home, like clearing the table or tidying their room.

So, what's in this Cleaning Fairy Set?

Your miniature set contains a mop and shiny bucket, a little broom, the tiniest cleaning spray and a wee yellow duster.

Personally, I would also add the miniature dustbin and the little stepladder if you can. Then you'll have the full range of Fairy Cleaning equipment.

What about those "Fairy Helper" letters?

Ah, well, you'll find those in the Secret Fairy Circle. Remember! You get a full year of membership FREE with your beautiful Fairy Door.

Once you've activated your membership, find your way to the Fairy Door 101 section where I give you a week's worth of day to day magical adventures. And that's where you will find the Cleaning Fairy and her invaluable Fairy Helper notes.

A note from 'Elf & Safety

This tiny Cleaning Fairy Set is intended as a decorative accessory only. It is not a toy. We recommend adult supervision when displaying it near to young children due to very tiny parts indeed!

Additional information

Add A Miniature Dustbin



5.5cm tall

Add A Miniature Stepladder


5.5cm x 3cm

3 reviews for Cleaning Fairy Set

  1. Rachel-Jayne

    “This sweet little cleaning set is another must have! So many scenes can be created using these pieces. I bought it to start with spring cleaning but intend on using it to help build up to other big events I.e. deep clean before we move house, clean before the Christmas tree goes up etc. As well as teaching my little one all about cleaning and tidying when the time comes.
    The step ladder is just too cute and again can be used a number of times in all sorts of scenes.

    Always packaged well and super fast delivery. Thank you :)”

  2. Estelle T

    Such a sweet, useful set. Can be used for a variety of every day fairy scenes. Well packaged as always.

  3. Sarah H

    Such a cute set to encourage a little cleaning, we have had a wash day scene, a window cleaning scene, and an ironing scene so far.

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