Fairy Gardening Set

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This Fairy gardening set includes 3 garden tools, a pretty watering can, and a garden seed box.

Add tiny wellies and some cheery gnomes by checking the boxes below!

Miniature wellies (white)

These tiny little boots are just under 3cm tall (1in). They’re white with red soles, blue tops and tiny cherries on the side.

Tiny garden gnomes

Each of these little chaps are just 3cm tall (1.25in). You will receive a random 2 garden gnomes from the 4 different versions pictured.

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Fairy, Fairy, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? …. Why beautifully, of course! Because this little Fairy gardening set has everything a Fairy friend needs to make it so.

So! What is in this Fairy Gardening set?

Well, all great gardens begin with a seed. This little set contains a whole box of them – Tiny magic seeds mind. Not your everyday human garden seeds.

And then of course, your Fairy friend will need to plant them. So there are 3 garden tools to make light work of it: A spade, a fork and a shovel (The shovel also comes in super handy for clearing the front step on snow days!)

Finally, to make sure everything blooms beautifully, you have a sweet white watering can, decorated with darling little flowers.

And for the dedicated Fairy Gardener …

You have the option to add a couple of little extras to this dear set.

What about some Wellies to keep those Fairy feet neat when their stomping around the meadow? And how about some cheeky garden gnomes, to really add some cheer to your kerbside creation?

Want some top tips for a gorgeous Garden, my sweet?

The best way to grab some inspiration and top tips for fabulous Fairy Gardening, is to step inside our Secret Fairy Circle and enjoy our Magic Seed adventure.

This super fun way to use your Fairy Door is based around a bumper set of printable Fairy letters that give little prompts for growing Magic Seeds into something truly enchanting. And this particular adventure is a perennial! Which means you can do it over and over throughout the year, growing you Magic Seed into something different each time, depending on the season.

Membership of our Secret Fairy Circle is a complimentary gift with each of our beautiful Fairy Doors. But, you can also purchase access without a Fairy Door HERE.

A last note from ‘Elf and Safety

All our Fairy Door accessories are intended as decorative accessories only. They are not toys. We recommend adult supervision when displaying near to young children due to very small parts.

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Miniature wellies (white)




3cm tall

Tiny garden gnomes



3cm tall

3 reviews for Fairy Gardening Set

  1. Rebecca Ford

    This set is wonderful, especially love the detailing of the seed box. The wellies & gnomes are so cute too. Beautifully packaged as always.

  2. Sarah Humphreys

    I think this might actually be my favourite accessory set yet, the gnomes are so cute and the watering can is beautiful, I am going to have fun with this set.

  3. Chloe Hayton

    Absolutely loved every single piece to this gardening set. It’s everything you could need to set up your magical garden. All of the items were such good quality. I can’t wait to order my next themed pack!

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