Lost Key Fairy Letter


Oh no! Your Fairy Door key is missing! Don’t worry, my sweet. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good reason it’s gone. This letter will explain everything …

Let’s personalise your Fairy letter …

For example: In a house or bedroom move, simply misplaced or stolen by a Goblin … Don’t worry! If you leave this blank, we’ll ask around Fairyland and include what we found out in the letter for you instead.

Add your Fairy’s name. If you leave this blank we will sign it from “your Fairy Friends”


What a disaster! Your Fairy Door key has gone missing and now everyone is besides themselves. I mean!! How will your Fairies visit through your Fairy Door now? What we really need here is a Lost Key Fairy letter that will explain everything ...

This Lost Key Fairy letter will look just like the very first Fairy letter you received with your Fairy Nice Trading Company Fairy Door

Printed onto shimmering pearlescent paper, and presented in a co-ordinating envelope. Your little one's name will be hand-written across the front.

You'll need to give us a few key details

Pardon the pun! But you will need to tell us the important facts for us to write this personalised Fairy letter for you. So, just use the boxes above to let us know who the letter is to and who it's from.

It's also helpful to consider the circumstances in which the key was lost. No judgement at all, they are very tiny. But if we know how it was mislaid we can pop a magical twist on this sad story and hopefully put a smile back on that little face. Let us know any details in the box above or we can fathom out a tale of our own to delight you with.

And, of course, the big question needs to be answered

Has the key been found? If not, you can easily purchase a replacement from us here from our Lost and Found department. We'll send it in with your letter, and before long that little Fairy Door will be click-clacking with the sound of Fairy visitors going in and out all over again.

A quick note from the Fairy Post Office

As a personalised item, this Lost Key Fairy letter is exempt from our returns and refunds policy. If you do find any errors in the letter please contact admin@fairynicetrading.com as soon as possible.


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