The Leprechaun Trap

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A downloadable copy of the original Fairy story written by Caroline Dobson for The Fairy Nice Trading Company.


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Did I ever tell you the tale of the time I tried to catch a Leprechaun? ... "Well, as I'm very clever, I thought I'd have a try! I built a Leprechaun trap filled with treats, To catch his beady eye." ... But you won't believe what happened next!

Have you heard the story of when I tried to catch a Leprechaun before?

Perhaps! This sweet poem is an original tale written by our Head Fairy Godmother, Caroline Dobson. It features in our Secret Fairy Circle as a narrated mini movie, introducing a magical adventure for St Patrick's Day, with printable Leprechaun letters and lots of laughs.

For sure, The Leprechaun Trap is a magical tale that we'd love you to share with your little ones

Sometimes it's great to pop a video on for the kiddies and enjoy 5 minutes peace. But sometimes sharing a story together is better done in person. So, when we created our new Secret Fairy Circle and loaded it up with narrated mini movies, the Head Fairy Godmother insisted we also offer the poem in downloadable form. That way, parents and carers could choose to share snuggles and stories with their little ones without the need of a screen.

So this is what you get when you order "The Leprechaun Trap"

Now, this Fairy story is a downloadable product. So, you will find a link in your order confirmation to click that will reveal a pdf of the story for you to print out at home.

You will be able to access your link for up to 10 days after your purchase, and you will be able to download your poem up to 3 times.

And if you don't have a printer? No problem!

We appreciate not every one has access to a printer. So, if you are unable to print your poem out at home, don’t worry. Simply tick the box above to add “Print my Printables”  and request “The Leprechaun Trap” in the requirements box. We’ll print a copy of the story for you onto high quality A4 paper and pop it in the post.

And if you want to have a go at catching the Leprechaun yourself ...

Well, then we thoroughly recommend you step right into the Secret Fairy Circle. This magical, member-only area contains all sorts of ideas and printable Fairy letters to inspire and delight the little ones. But crucially, it's here that you'll find the printable Leprechaun letters, mentioned above. PLUS the Head Fairy Godmother's top tips for Leprechaun Traps (she's tried to catch him many times!!).

Because, at the end of the day a funny tale is just a funny tale. But, when things start appearing in the home that mirror the story you just heard? Well, that's when a magical adventure begins! And, a magical adventure is the sort of thing that stick's in a child's memory forever.

Secret Fairy Circle membership is included with every beautiful Fairy Door. Or you can purchase membership without a Fairy Door HERE>>

One last, important thing …

This story is an original poem by Caroline Dobson for The Fairy Nice Trading Company. It is therefore copyrighted and any unauthorised copying, sharing or distribution of this work will make us all very sad and may have legal ramifications. So we ask that you be a good Fairy friend and enjoy the poem only with your nearest and dearest.

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