Wisteria Wishes Fairy Door (Pink)

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So sweet, you’d think it were made out of sugar! This pretty pink Wisteria Wishes Fairy Door, with it’s dusky lilac Wisteria and co-ordinating pastel roses, will have your little one absolutely mesmerised. It sits in a bright white frame, adorned with a tiny working door knob, little letterbox and glittering crystal doorknob.

Your beautiful Fairy Door includes …

Your First Fairy Letter

A shimmering Fairy letter introducing your new neighbours and explaining about the Fairy Door. Personalise it using the boxes below.

Fairy Door Key

A tiny golden key on a co-ordinating satin ribbon. Essential for your Fairy friends to let themselves in an out.

Fairy Nice Giftbox

A luxury gift box, in shimmering white with embossed silver lettering. Inside, find your Fairy Door nestled safely amongst glittering white tissue paper.

Complimentary Secret Fairy Circle Membership (worth £30)

A whole year of Secret Fairy Circle membership absolutely FREE! Enjoy original narrated Fairytales, ideas and inspiration and literally hundreds of printable Fairy Letters to help you create your magical adventures.

Let’s personalise your first Fairy Letter …

For example: Is this a gift for a special occasion? Would you like the Fairies to praise, comfort, congratulate or encourage the recipient for something? Is this gift sent by a special friend or relative?

If your little one has a known Fairy friend or is expecting the Tooth, Dummy or Sleep Fairy, let us know here. Otherwise, your letter will be sent from Doriana, Head of Fairy Door Despatch.

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Well. Wisteria Lane was gaining a reputation for elegance and sophistication. But it was the arrival of a pink Fairy Door that really picked the place out as pretty. Oh! And the Fairy behind this Wisteria Wishes Fairy Door really was the sweetest of Fairy Nice neighbours, with her trailing lilac Wisteria flanked by roses so perfect they could have been made out of sugar. Indeed, in no time at all she quickly became one of the most popular of Fairy friends, with humans and Fairies alike all watching her door longingly and hoping she would poke her head out and invite them in for tea and cake.

In fact, I can't lie my sweet! I've been known to give her little working door knocker a gentle tap myself, just to see if she is home!

It's true! This pink Wisteria Wishes Fairy Door is absolutely mesmerising!

It will capture your heart from the very moment it arrives! Because it comes wrapped carefully in sparkling tissue paper and nestled inside the most beautiful shimmering, white, luxury gift box embossed with Fairy Nice silver lettering.

And of course, you know each Wisteria Wishes Fairy Door is personalised to perfection

As you peel back the sparkling tissue paper the first thing you will see is a tiny, pearlescent envelope with your little one's name hand-written across it. The envelope contains your very first Fairy letter and the tiny golden key your Fairies will need to let themselves in and out.

Written on matching, shimmering paper your personalised Fairy letter introduces your new Fairy friends and explains all about the Fairy Door. The letter follows a basic template so that all the important details are included. But, as you place your order, do feel free to ask us to include any special messages of praise, comfort, celebration or encouragement that you'd like to convey. You can also ask us to mention that the Fairy Door is being sent from a loving relative or friend. And we can sign the letter from a particular Fairy friend or a famous Fairy (such as the Dummy Fairy, Sleep Fairy or Tooth Fairy).

But wait! There’s one more piece of enchantment included with this pink Fairy Door and key ….

When the Head Fairy Godmother created her first Fairy Door for her own daughter, she soon realised that it was so much more that just a pretty ornament. Using letters and stories and a little bit of imagination she was able to help her little girl through important childhood milestones. She could comfort and encourage her when anxieties arose. She supported her learning, reading and writing. As well as providing a magical focal point for special times of the year and celebrations.

When she created The Fairy Nice Trading Company, the Head Fairy Godmother was insistent that everything she had learned be available to other families inviting a Fairy Door into their home. So, she built the Secret Fairy Circle. And she filled it with all the stories and poems she had told, the ideas she had stumbled across, and all the many hundreds of Fairy letters she had written.

Now, each beautiful Fairy Door includes a whole year of complimentary access to this magical space (available separately for £30). Find the activation instructions for your membership in your order confirmation or on the little note card inside your gorgeous gift box.

A note from 'Elf & Safety about our pink Fairy Door and key

Our Fairy Doors are hand-finished and therefore liable to small imperfections and variations. We think this adds to their charm and makes each one unique.

A Wisteria Wishes Fairy Door will not open for humans. Only the Fairies can open these magic doors with the tiny key included.

Our Fairy Door and key sets are intended as decorative accessories only and are not toys. We strongly recommend adult supervision when displaying them near to young children due to small and delicate parts.

Access to the Secret Fairy Circle requires membership activation. Follow the QR code on your order confirmation or the little card in your gift box. Any problems? Don't hesitate to contact us at admin@fairynicetrading.com

Additional information



22.5cm high x 12.5cm wide x 1.5cm deep


Personalised first Fairy letter, Fairy Door key, Gift box, One year Secret Fairy Circle membership

2 reviews for Wisteria Wishes Fairy Door (Pink)

  1. Loretta

    My Daughter already has a gorgeous fairy door that has been admired by her best friend since we got it last year. We thought we would treat her best friend to this beautiful door and am over the moon at how delighted this little girl is. This door is beautifully made and comes beautifully packaged with a wonderful especially letter for your little person. I cannot recommend this door or the Fairy Nice Trading Company enough. My 5 year old Daughter and her best friend are mesmerised by the magic of these doors.

  2. Amy

    Beautifully made. I bought this door along with a few accessories and I know my daughter will be blown away by them when she opens them on her birthday. I’m going to get another now and take it with us on our regular woodland walk and plant it ahead of her as a surprise. At this rate we will have loads. But I don’t mind.

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