Written By You Fairy Letter


When you know what you want to say, but want to continue the magic from their first Fairy Letter, our “written by you” Fairy Letter is just what you need.

You write the words in the boxes below, and we’ll print and send them to you in the Fairy Nice style.

Let’s personalise your Fairy letter …

Add your Fairy’s name. If you leave this blank we will sign it from “your Fairy Friends”


Know what you want to say, but want to continue the magic from their first Fairy Letter? Well, then our "written by you" Fairy Letter is just what you need. Let me explain ...

Basically, this Fairy Letter is written by you, my sweet

In the boxes above you can let us know EXACTLY what you want to say to your little one. You can say anything! From a word of encouragement for a big day, to praise for some hard work or kindness. Maybe comfort for a little one that worries, or answers to their questions about Fairyland. Or maybe, just maybe, the Fairies have some rules the family need reminding of.

Don't hold back. Let your imagination guide you. And trust me when I say we've seen it all ... we once passed on a letter from a Poo Fairy!

Then we put pen to paper for you

Once we have your words, we'll print them onto the same shimmering pearlescent paper and in the same style as your very first Fairy letter. We'll add a co-ordinating envelope with your little one's name hand-written across the front. And it will be just as if your letter has come from the very place the Fairy Door came from.

But be careful as you write your Fairy letter

For this letter, we will take the words you write EXACTLY as you have written them, so please read through and check them before you place your order.

We will only correct very obvious errors in spelling or grammar. We will make no embellishment or addition to your words, other than to begin the letter "Dearest" and end the letter "With Fondest Fairy Blessings". If you would like us to have more input than that in the crafting of your note, please select the "Totally bespoke" Fairy Letter instead.

Now, for notes like this, time is of the essence

That's why, once all prepared, we will accelerate your postage to special delivery (UK only) free of charge.

A last note from the Fairy Post Office

As a personalised item, this Fairy letter is exempt from our returns and refunds policy. If you do find any errors in the letter please contact admin@fairynicetrading.com as soon as possible, but for this particular letter we will not replace or refund letters if the error occurred in the words written by you at time of order.


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